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It’s the New Year – Did You Set Your Goals?

The New Year is a time when many will reflect on the past year; reminisce about accomplishments and struggles; and create goals for the future. Changing any type of habit or behaviour can take a long time and commitment. Because of this, we need to think about the goals we set and the “why” behind them in order to achieve success.

There are countless things that you may want to achieve; anything from health-related goals, to financial, to work-life balance. With any of your goals, bring yourself back to your intention of why you want to achieve them. Here are three tips to help you with your resolution:

1. Plan Ahead

Have a plan in place. This can help you stay focused on your goal rather than just winging it as you go. Look ahead for problem spots. For example, if you are planning a one-week vacation where you know your eating habits will be different than usual, accommodate for that. Make the healthiest decisions you can and enjoy your trip, but also avoid depriving yourself. Feeling like you are being deprived of something can easily throw your plan off track.

2. Daily Goals Reminder

Take a few moments in the morning to think about how the activities on your agenda for the day are going to help you achieve your goal. Are you going to visit the gym, or fitness class or go for a long walk to help manage stress or achieve a fitness goal? Is there something in your day that doesn’t align with your goal? Is there something you can move or change about the day?

3. Be Kind To Yourself

Regardless of what the goal is, there will always be a little blip along the way. Changing habits is hard. Being kind to yourself along your journey is key. If you do find yourself not in line with your goal, think back to your intentions. Is the goal truly in line with what you want? Have you set the bar too high? Do you need to modify your goal? Or, is it just a little bump in the road? If you have veered slightly off the path, it’s okay. Dust yourself off, don’t negatively talk to yourself, refocus and you’ll be back on track in no time.

How Can We Help You Achieve Your Goals?

Our team of chiropractors, registered massage therapists, and chiropractic health assistants are here for you. Chiropractic care and massage therapy can have many benefits such as reducing pain and improving flexibility. Gentle and precise adjustments that you receive at CURAVITA can go a long way in helping your body heal the nagging lower back pain and neck pain that may be limiting your activity. If improving your health is part of your 2022 goals, maybe it’s time to consider chiropractic care, physiotherapy, and massage therapy.

The benefits of massage therapy are well known and enjoyed by many Canadians. Benefits can range from reducing stress levels to relieving pain, improving sleep, increasing energy and decreasing the amount of time to heal after an injury. With all that massage has to offer, you can see how it may be a valuable tool in achieving your health goals.

Make 2022 the year about you. Make yourself a priority. The healthier and happier you are, the better you can support your family, friends and colleagues.

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