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Cottage-Friendly Workout Tips

How to Keep On Track With Your Workouts At The Cottage

With the warmer weather upon us, people are heading to their cottages regularly each weekend. Cottage life can be a bit tricky for people wanting to stick to their workout routine.

Here is a list of things that you can bring with you to your cottage, along with some tips to help keep you on top of your wellness routine while enjoying the great outdoors!

1. Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are lightweight and will barely take up any room in your car on the way to the cottage. There are many different levels of resistance you can choose depending on your strength and abilities. You can use them to workout your upper and lower body and even your core. Make sure you use the appropriate resistance band based on your level of fitness. You can take advantage of the trees around you at your cottage to help with your workout. You can loop or tie the resistance bands around a tree to act as an anchor for some of your workout routines.

2. Skipping Rope

Bring your skipping rope with you to the cottage! It’s a great way to incorporate cardio into your workout routine and also builds agility and bone strength. The combination of an aerobic workout and coordination of foot and arm movements has made skipping popular with many athletes. There are also different skills that you can incorporate to prevent your workout routine from becoming boring. Keep in mind that skipping is great for conditioning and endurance training but just like any exercise, you need to work up your endurance level. Start slowly and progressively build up your length of time skipping and your speed. Skipping can be a great addition to your workout routine and an easy way to boost your cardiovascular health while enjoying your time at the cottage.

3. Foam Roller

A foam roller is another workout tool that you can easily bring to the cottage. On top of being a great stretching aid, the foam roller can help ease sore muscles from gardening, swimming or sleeping on a less-than-perfect mattress. It can also be used to warm up, and many pilates exercises can be done using one. Several apps are available to help you target specific muscles. Make sure to always clear new exercises with your chiropractor to ensure that they are safe to do.

4. Go For a Swim

Taking advantage of a nearby lake or pond is a great way to stay cool as the temperature increases. Swimming is a popular exercise for people of all ages and fitness levels. It provides you with a full-body workout but with less stress and strain on many areas of the body that weight-bearing exercises may place. However, even though swimming is a low-impact sport, this does not mean it is an injury-proof activity. The injuries associated with swimming are dependent on the type of stroke being used. Shoulders tend to be the most likely area to be injured overall but it’s not uncommon to develop injuries to the knees, hips or back. Adopt good technique. Just like any sport or activity, proper technique goes a long way in preventing injuries during your workout.

5. Make It a Family Affair

Bring a frisbee or a soccer ball. Keep your devices turned off and focus on things you can do outside. Maybe you could go for a canoe ride. It is a great way to work out those arm muscles. Or maybe play a game of flag football with your kids. Getting your kids involved in activities and a young age helps to instill a positive attitude towards exercise and can help to build good habits early on!

Keeping on a regular fitness routine is a great way to stay healthy.

Summer vacation can sometimes make it a little challenging to stay on track. Who needs a fancy gym when you have simple tools at your disposal? We hope that with these tips and suggestions, you can enjoy your time at your cottage and feel proud of yourself for keeping up with your workout routine!

It is also important to keep your care consistent over the summer months. We want to see you enjoying your time at the cottage and not being laid up because of an injury, or from letting a problem sit for too long before seeking help. Your team of MSK experts is here to help you live your best life even on vacation. Check-in with your chiropractor, physiotherapist or massage therapists before/after the cottage getaways. Book online or call us at our Byward Clinic (613-860-8600) or our Glebe Clinic (613-237-9000).

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