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Physiotherapy is a regulated health profession dedicated to maximizing your mobility, function and well-being in order to help you to return to your best level of living. Physiotherapists have established roles within the community and practice in a variety of healthcare settings. Physiotherapists collaborate with other healthcare professionals to achieve treatment goals for their clients with acute or chronic conditions.

For example, you will find physiotherapists in many of the following settings:

  • private clinics
  • hospitals
  • rehabilitation centers
  • community centers
  • workplaces
  • patients’ homes
  • community outreach teams
  • professional sports teams
  • palliative care facilities
  • research facilities
  • universities

If you have been receiving physiotherapy treatment or are planning to go for an assessment, you should look out for these qualities in your Physiotherapist to help you achieve your goals.

1. A Physiotherapist will treat both the diagnosis AND the person.

2. Empower the patient to take control of their rehabilitation by educating them about optimal management.

3. Help the patient return to tasks or physical activities that are meaningful TO THEM.

4. Promote an active approach to rehabilitation, and encourage the patient to be active in whatever ways they enjoy the most.

5. Gently try to alter any negative or damaging beliefs or expectations the patient has about their injury or rehabilitation.

6. Promote the strength, resilience and adaptability of the human body, not paint it as fragile.

7. Use manual therapy when appropriate, especially if it helps the patient to move with less pain.

8. Follow one of the important treatment philosophies – “calm things down, build things back up”.

9. Actively listen to what the patient has to say and SHOW that they care.

10. Be up to date and follow evidence-based practice.

If you feel that these are the values you are looking for in your physiotherapist then book your initial assessment appointment. Call us or book online at our Glebe clinic (613-237-9000), or our Byward clinic (613-860-8600). To learn more about our providers and how they can help, please visit our clinic websites:  Curavita Byward & Curavita Glebe.

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