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Free Apps To Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

If you need a little help to keep your resolutions this year, consider these free apps.

January finds people filled with good intentions to better themselves in all sorts of ways. Avoiding junk food, working out, and losing weight are very popular and virtuous New Year resolutions, but the truth is, that most people will be back to their less-than-ideal habits by February. Many of us make resolutions to improve our lives, but following through on those promises is notoriously difficult. Technology can be a hindrance – especially if your resolution is to look at your phone less – or it can offer us useful tools to keep us on track. If you need a little help to keep your resolutions this year, consider these free apps. Here’s a rundown of our favourite apps to stay on top of your resolutions.

Resolution #1 – Get Moving

There are several great apps in this category. Here are a few of our favourites.

If your goal is to simply walk more, there are several apps that can help you keep track of your steps. Most phones have a built-in pedometer. iPhones, for example, will keep this information in the Health app. If you keep your phone on you all day, this may be a simple way to set daily step goals and check in on your progress. This app will also help you track your sleep, mindfulness and nutrition.

There are several apps that will help you reach your race training goals. An all-time favourite is RunKeeper. This app will provide you with audio cues while you run to keep you focused and on track, give you GPS information, see your progress, and remind you when to go running to meet your goals.

If you like an extra challenge when running, Zombies, Run! might be just what you need. This app combines the fun of running with a real-life video game-type adventure. Through audio cues, this app transports you into a zombie-infested world and gives you a clear mission. Running allows you to pick up supplies for the base to help your team survive. Occasionally, zombies will start chasing you and you will need to increase your pace to get away.

If doing more yoga at home is something you hope to do this year, Daily Yoga could help you get started. It offers a great variety of poses, from beginner to more advanced. It also features mindfulness and meditation techniques that can help quiet your busy mind. If you are uncertain if certain poses could aggravate your spinal pain, make sure to talk to your chiropractor before starting a new program.

Resolution #2 – Improve your Posture

If a healthier spine is what you hope to achieve this year, download Straighten Up, Canada. Canada’s chiropractors have developed this free app. It gives you an easy-to-perform posture program that you can use in just three minutes a day. The Straighten Up Canada program can be practiced almost anywhere and is a great warm-up, cool-down, stand-alone routine or ergonomic break. It will also help you locate your closest chiropractor to help you reach your spinal health goals.

Resolution #3 – Be More Productive

If you find yourself looking at your phone too often, and going down a rabbit hole of mind-numbing games and YouTube videos, this app might be for you. Space is an app that uses behaviour change principles to help you find your phone life balance. Based on your specific goals, the app gives you tools to spend less time looking at your phone during the day.

Resolution #4 – Read More

If reading is something you would like to do more this year, Goodreads will help you set goals and get book recommendations from your friends. You can even sync your account with your favourite e-reader and the app will keep track of your progress for you as well as your favourite quotes, notes, and underlined passages.

If you’re just trying to figure out how to begin, looking to your smartphone for encouragement may be a helpful avenue. However, only you can help yourself reach your annual goals and stick to your resolutions. Your body may encounter its own limitations and make it hard to reach your goal – keep in mind that your chiropractor, physiotherapist or massage therapist can help you overcome the hurdles that can ultimately come from starting a new sport or exercise. These apps can be a good way to get you started but always listen to your body first. If the apps listed above don’t work with your system, look for an equivalent for your phone, there are thousands to pick from.

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