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Fitness Hacks

Fitness Hacks for Your Health

Whether you are an avid gym go-er or new to exercise, everyone goes through periods where it’s challenging to get motivated to exercise. Follow these fitness hacks to make exercising a breeze!

1. Make a Schedule:

Sounds simple, and it is – but if you build exercise into your calendar, you are more likely to do it. This will also help you plan your week ahead. Occasionally we will all have meetings or commitments that come up where we can’t make our scheduled exercise time. However, having it on your calendar will make you less likely to schedule things during the times you have set aside for yourself. It will also make you more aware that if you are missing a workout day, you should look to make alternate arrangements to get that workout in.

2. Recruit a Buddy:

Exercising with a friend gives you accountability and can also make it more fun. This could be going for a walk every morning or evening with a neighbour, hitting up a weekly yoga class or heading to the gym together.

3. Use an App:

There are so many fitness apps out there that can help get you started. Some are targeted more for beginners while others are specifically for avid fitness buffs. Popular ones that our patients are using are fitness blenders and from couch to 5k. Some of the favourites that our chiropractors are using are Strarva for cycling, Interval Timer to help with HIIT workouts and Run, Zombies! to get you running.

4. Keep a Gym Bag In Your Car or At Work:

“I left my gym clothes at home,” will never work as an excuse when following this tip! Having the proper clothing and footwear easily accessible is important. Some offices offer a wellness program that includes a lunchtime workout. This is an excellent way to squeeze fitness into your day.

5. Get Out In Nature:

Exercising outside can be good for both your body and mind. Being outside can be an additional stress reducer on top of the exercise itself.

6. Home Exercise:

YouTube can be your friend when it comes to an exercise routine. There are plenty of fitness-related channels with workouts of varying intensity and lengths of time. This can make exercising at home a breeze. Keeping a few easy-to-access items like a yoga mat and tension band at home, plus a few bodyweight exercises and you have all you need for a workout.

How Does Chiropractic Care, Physiotherapy, and Massage Therapy Tie Into Fitness?

Chiropractic, physiotherapy and massage therapy focus on ensuring your body is working at its best. With chiropractic care, the focus is on how the alignment of the spine and pelvis affects the surrounding nerves and muscles. With physiotherapy, the focus is the rehabilitation of the muscles and muscle activation through specific exercises. With massage, the focus is on alleviating muscle tension. They work hand in hand in allowing your body to move better, reduce pain, and prevent injuries. It’s important to talk to your health care provider before starting a new exercise routine as some exercises may not be suitable for all people based on injuries and general health history. To book your appointment with one of our MSK healthcare experts visit us online.