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Keep it Simple in the New Year

A New Year means a fresh start and a chance to set a positive tone for the one that lies ahead!

Many people see January as a time to reset and heath-oriented goals and resolutions usually top the list for New Year challenges. A hurdle for many is maintaining good habits like regular physical activity. Splitting time between working from home and in the office poses organizational challenges around regular daily fitness routines. Your regular gym or fitness centre may be close to work, but not close to home, and vice versa. There benefits of regular physical activity are numerous and include more energy, improved posture, lower stress levels, improved metabolism, better sleep, and a positive attitude!

Keep it Simple

As healthcare providers, we often get asked for health and wellness advice by patients, friends, and family members. Questions like: Which diet is the best? What’s the quickest way to fix my back? What do you think of this new exercise? For the most part, our answers usually lack the enthusiasm one may expect from the latest fad or trend.

New Year’s health resolutions are easy to make, but they are even easier to break. Our advice is to start slow and keep it simple. There is no quick fix to great health, and believe it or not, the tried and tested healthy habits of last year will be just as effective this year. The biggest challenge will be getting used to a new way of making good health habits.

Good health habits while keeping it simple

The healthiest habits assume preventive strategies. The science and research behind healthy habits that prevent disease is vast and the great news is that most of these strategies are pretty easy to start.

1. Move more

Commute time to and from work has reduced for many of us. Devote this extra time to you and plan extra movement time into your daily schedule. Online fitness classes are widely available, discover a new fitness centre close to home or find one with multiple locations close to home and work. Remember to always look for ways to make your days harder- take the stairs instead of the elevator. When running errands, park further away from the store and enjoy the extra steps. Cleaning your home can also double as a home workout!

2. Get outside

When walking or running outside you have more control over your own pace. When people control their own pace, studies show they end up moving faster than they would have indoors on a treadmill. Not only do people move faster when exercising outside, but exercise is perceived as easier to complete and people are more likely to challenge themselves. Successful challenges lead to positive mood changes and increased joy with the activity. This leads to increased frequency and increased amounts of time doing the activity and all of this in turn creates a new healthy habit!

3. Get aligned

Consistency with proper office ergonomics can be difficult for many with the split between home and office workspaces. Regular chiropractic adjustments keep your spine aligned and joints moving so you stay balanced, keep your posture in check, and decrease your risk of injury.

4. Get a good night’s rest

A regular sleep routine allows your body to regenerate and heal from life’s stress, is key to a strong immune system, and keeps you mentally prepped for the challenges ahead.

5. Eat well

Well-balanced meals include lots of colourful fruits and vegetables, complex grains, lean protein, and of course, dessert in moderation. With increased time at home and the increased cost of dining out, many people have embraced this as an opportunity to learn how to cook.

6. Be Social

Good old-fashioned face-to-face time with friends and family does wonders for the psyche. Join a sports team, volunteer or start a new hobby and get out of the house and mingle.

7. Be grateful

End each day on a positive note and take the time to reflect on the good in your life. There is beauty and kindness all around us and once you start this habit, the world becomes a brighter place.

 Make this year, and every year to come, your healthiest yet. The key to good health is good habits made simple and there are no shortcuts. These suggestions may be underwhelming but they stand the test of time and when good habits make you feel so good, they are harder to break.

If you are eager to re-engage your healthy habits this year visit us online to book your appointment with one of our healthcare professionals at our CURAVITA Byward clinic or our CURAVITA Glebe clinic to kick off 2024 in a balanced way!

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