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At the Eastern Ontario District of the Ontario Physiotherapy Association

Physiotherapist, Ben Tobali, has been a practicing for ten years, and is a proud member of the profession. Ben is involved in advocacy work as the President of the Eastern Ontario District of the Ontario Physiotherapy Association. He has been a member of this executive committee for the past four years, and has held various roles over that time. In 2016, a colleague of his encouraged him to get involved, and he has enjoyed the journey since and the experiences he’s had along the way.

In 2020, Ben wrote articles published in Physiotherapy Today, the newsletter of the Ontario Physiotherapy Association. The articles were featured in the spring and summer editions of the newsletter, and they endeavoured to provide insight into the pandemic experiences of Physiotherapists across Eastern Ontario, as well as how the profession demonstrated its resiliency and ability to adapt to the new reality of delivering care. Ben also enjoys being an active member of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.

Ben is also involved in the regulatory side of the Physiotherapy profession. For the past six years he’s been a member of the written item generation team at the Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators. He also represented his team at the written test development group national meeting on a number of occasions. This volunteer work involves writing, editing, and reviewing questions for the National Physiotherapy Competency Examination. This exam is the final step candidates take in becoming a Registered Physiotherapist. It was his involvement as an examiner for the practical exam that led him to be interested in getting more involved in the work of the regulator.