Our New Glebe Location!

Our New Glebe Location!


If you’ve been following our construction journey over the last 7 months, you will have seen snapshots of the gradual transformation of our new location from a dance studio to the new home of CURAVITA Glebe. We know you have been just as excited about it as we are, and there’s a special energy around the clinic as we prepare for this big step. Moving day is coming very soon, so in today’s blog post we’re going to be answering some of your frequently asked questions!


Why are we moving?

The Courtyard that the Glebe Clinic had been in for 25 years is being converted to condos, and as a result, we had to move. While we are sorry to vacate the wonderful location that has served us and our patients so well, we are excited that this change has opened up new opportunities for us that will benefit our patients!


Where are we moving?

Dr. Ken Brough purchased a 5000 square-foot unit in a building at 108 Third Avenue (adjacent to Canada Post and across from the Starbucks) to ensure we continue to serve our community base in the Glebe. Right on the corner of Third and Bank, the new location is only a few steps away from our old location!


How will the new space be different?

We worked steadily on the redesign of the new Clinic to create a modern, state-of-the-art space that is both accommodating and comfortable for our patients. With double the amount of space we had before, we are able to introduce physiotherapy to our scope of services, and there will no longer be a physical separation between our chiropractic and reception area, and massage therapy centre. The physiotherapy centre features a rehabilitation/gym area, a large treatment area with semi-private rooms, one private treatment room, a private change room, and large accessible bathroom. The Clinic will also have shared collaborative spaces to enhance communication and teamwork amongst our chiropractors, physiotherapists and registered massage therapists. 


Why physiotherapy?

As the needs of our patients grew, we took the opportunity to expand our scope of services to include physiotherapy and integrating it into our existing collaborative care model. The goal is to make it even more convenient for patients to access the care they need in the most efficient way possible.


Our collaborative care approach to chiropractic care, physiotherapy and massage therapy within the Ottawa health and medical community is about putting patients first. Built on the very foundation of our core values of trust, respect, and honesty, we uphold this collaborative approach through mutual respect with both medical and other healthcare professionals and our patients. This mutual respect is our gold standard for providing quality family health care. We believe this collaborative approach advances the quality of care in family health, wellness in communities and results in excellent care for all.


When are we moving?

We officially move into our new location next weekend. We are excited that as of September 9th we will be working out of our new location and are looking forward to expanding our scope of services at our Glebe location to also include physiotherapy in the very near future!


We are grateful to all of our patients and community partners for their understanding and support as we completed our construction. We are looking forward to continuing to serve you with our “Community of Care” and collaborative model while continuing to provide the same exceptional level of care and patient experience. Please come by and visit us at 108 Third Avenue on September 9th!