Fall Running Tips

August 30, 2022 | Fall, Sports, Wellness

The warm days of summer will soon start to fade, and we will welcome the crisp fall weather. Fall running has many benefits whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned runner. Here are some tips to help you make the most of running in the fall. 

Check your Running Gear 

Take the time to ensure you have the appropriate running gear for the season ahead. To start, make sure you have the layers needed for the cooler weather, such as base layers along with a light jacket or vest. A new season is also a good time to check your running shoes for signs of wear. The fall weather can result in more moisture on the ground, so check the treads on your shoes to make sure you’ll have a stable grip. 

Take Safety Precautions

As we head into the autumn season, the hours of sunshine per day are gradually decreasing. Therefore, consider investing in a reflective running vest if you’re starting to run in the dark. You can also look into obtaining a headlamp to help see where you’re stepping, and ensure others can see you. If you run in the early morning or later in the evening try to stick to running on sidewalks or lighted pathways as well.

Explore New Areas

A new season is a great time to change it up and explore new running paths or trails. With the leaves changing colour, you may want to add a more scenic route to your running routine. It’s fun to feel the crunchy leaves under your feet as you pound the pavement.

Consider Pushing your Pace

The cooler fall temperatures make exercising outdoors more comfortable than the heat and humidity of summertime. If you’ve been running all summer long then you can try to pick up your running pace in the fall. You may even want to sign up for a race to celebrate all your hard work! Fall races are a great time to try to set a new personal best.


Another important consideration when running year-round is hydration. Please check out our recent and comprehensive blog post on this topic here. 

The fall season presents great opportunities for runners. However, if pain or injury is affecting your ability to engage in or enjoy running, call us to book an assessment with one of our physiotherapists or chiropractors. For certain running injuries our physiotherapist at the Glebe location uses a specialized treatment called shockwave therapy – you can read more about this here. Same-day or next day appointments are available. In addition, if it’s appropriate for you and your injury, our chiropractors will be able to fit your feet for custom orthotics. Whatever your injury, our model of patient-centered collaborative care will ensure you receive the right care for you.