CCA’s National Convention & Tradeshow 2022 Recap

November 01, 2022 | Chiropractic, What's New

Every two years, Chiropractors across the country gather for three jam-packed days of professional development and networking opportunities at the Canadian Chiropractic Association’s National Convention & Tradeshow. From October 21st to 23rd, Dr. Brough, Dr. Corriveau, and Dr. Hamid attended this year’s convention held in Montreal. The theme for the 2022 convention was Chiropractors: A Part of Every Canadian’s Healthcare Team. The weekend was an opportunity to catch up with former classmates and colleagues while expanding their skills via seminars, exciting keynote speakers, and visiting the trade show to discover the latest resources to help their practice and the clinics. To wrap up the weekend, attendees were invited to a gala with an awards ceremony honouring and recognizing exceptional individuals in the chiropractic profession.

Dr. Corriveau’s Take Aways

I decided to focus my attention on seminars addressing the aging Canadian population, and how to better manage their needs in our practices. I first attended Dr. Carlo Ammendolia’s hands-on workshop focusing on maximizing quality years among older patients with osteoarthritis. During the busy morning, we were taught specific ways to assess, treat and manage patients presenting with osteoarthritis. I am confident this will significantly improve patient outcomes and I came away with great resources that I was able to apply immediately Monday in practice. 

I also attended a talk by Dr. Michele Maiers on the changing demographics of our country. Her talk focused on keeping older adults functionally active, engaged, and giving them the ability to age in place – which is essential to a healthy and thriving community. 

Lastly, I attended a panel discussing the place of chiropractic in the healthcare teams of older adults. As Chiropractors, we have an opportunity to be an integral part of the healthcare team for this growing segment of the population. The panel left us with concrete steps we can take to tailor our practices as our patients, and as we, the doctors, also age. 

On a different subject, I attended an interesting talk by Dr. Shawn Thistle and Dr. Carol Cancelliere on the assessment and management of concussions and patients with a history of concussions. Evidence in this area is rapidly evolving in terms of best practices and it is an area of research that all Chiropractors should be aware of. Chiropractic can be an important part of recovery for those who are dealing with concussions and post-concussion symptoms as we can assess and manage the related musculoskeletal issues (particularly to the cervical spine) that are almost inevitable with any injury to the head.  

Overall, it was a weekend packed with interesting new research, inspiring speakers and diligent note-taking, and practical tools that I’m already applying in practice. I already look forward to the next one in 2024!

Dr. Hamid’s Experience 

I love attending provincial and national conferences! The last national conference the Canadian Chiropractic Association held was 4 years ago in Calgary back in 2018, so the 2022 conference in Montreal was anticipated by many. The Chiropractic profession is a hands-on one, where the majority of Chiropractors got into the work because they love helping people and are a fun-loving group. A full weekend of time with colleagues and former classmates while attending some great seminars highlighting the latest musculoskeletal (MSK) research and clinical tools can sound exhausting. However,  these events are energizing for all those in attendance and a necessary tool to keep our profession up to date in the fast-evolving field of MSK health. 

At this year’s conference, I was there as a Chiropractor but also leveraging my position as a board member of the Canadian Chiropractic Research Foundation (CCRF) promoting the importance of MSK research. The CCRF was the main sponsor of this past conference and volunteer leaders are at the heart of what we do. We now have 21 representatives on CCRF boards and committees from seven provinces. In the past three years, the CCRF has awarded nearly $1.2M in grants to over 30 deserving Canadian-led MSK research projects. With just over 9,000 practitioners in all of Canada, the Chiropractic profession is small. That’s why it’s critical to invest in research so we can learn more, validate treatment options, demonstrate evidence to influence public policy, and stand united as a profession. 

High-quality studies enable Chiropractors to stand together as credible, responsible, and valued partners in patient-centred care. To see colleagues from across the country come together recently in Montreal and focus on harnessing the collective strengths of our profession to better serve the MSK health needs of Canadians is inspiring! Our next national conference will take place in Toronto in April 2024, and we will be there!

A Bonus Meet & Greet

Dr. Corriveau and Dr. Hamid had the great privilege of meeting Colonel Chris Hadfield who was the keynote speaker at this year’s conference. Col. Hadfield spoke of his 21 years of experience in the astronaut corps and shared his best strategies and tactics to help individuals, teams, and organizations prepare for and meet the challenges of our rapidly changing world. He also regaled the attendees with a live rendition of his now-viral interpretation of Space Oddity

The healthcare field is ever-changing and evolving to meet the population’s needs through current research. Staying up to date with the latest MSK research remains a priority for our practitioners, and we are lucky to have attended such a well-organized convention that will surely benefit our patients. Looking ahead, the future of chiropractic in the Canadian healthcare system is bright!