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experiencing SHOULDER PAIN?
Our Physiotherapy Team Can Help!
Need help with your shoulder pain?
If you’re experiencing consistent shoulder pain or have a shoulder injury, we can help. Please contact us to book an appointment or click below to book a physiotherapy appointment online.
You can reach our Glebe clinic at 613.237.9000 and our Byward Market clinic at 613.860.8600

What do you need to know about shoulder pain?

he shoulder goes through a lot in a day. It is comprised of an intricate network of ligaments and muscles. Not only is the shoulder the most flexible joint in the human body, it is also one of the most unstable. The shoulder sustains more injuries that almost all other parts of the body. So it is not uncommon that so many people suffer from shoulder pain or sustain a shoulder injury.

The various soft tissues within shoulder, muscles, tendons, and ligaments can be injured from overuse, excessive strain, falls, improper motion, and poor posture.  Shoulder pain can refer down the arm and into the hand and fingers. Injury to the rotator cuff is one of the most common causes and is commonly seen in athletes, like gymnasts and football players, who use their arms and shoulders frequently and tend to put increased stress on the joint.  Any activity that involves repetitive shoulder movements can also cause injury. Swimmers, tennis players, and baseball players are highly susceptible to injury.

Athletes are not the only ones who experience shoulder pain and injury. People who work in an environment that requires repetitive motion or strenuous upper body work are also at risk.

Prevention is key. Preventing shoulder pain and injury can be quite simple. Athletes or those whose jobs require repetitive arm work or rotation should warm up and cool down before playing or working, and also take breaks often. Also, applying an ice pack to the area can help. However, any shoulder pain should be addressed sooner rather than later and a physiotherapist or chiropractor can help.

Physiotherapy and chiropractic care can be very beneficial for the patient with a shoulder injury or shoulder pain. Chiropractors are trained to diagnose the cause of your shoulder pain and recommend the appropriate treatment. Physiotherapy and chiropractic care can help to reduce or relieve pain, improve range of motion, increase flexibility, and restore function to the joint. Different chiropractic and physiotherapy techniques are used depending on the type of injury or condition. A chiropractor or physiotherapist can also recommend exercises specifically geared toward certain types of injuries or conditions that can be done at home.