Sabrina Fazal, PT Resident


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Sabrina Fazal graduated with a Bachelor in Health Science from the University of Ottawa in 2018, and with a Master in Physiotherapy from the University of Ottawa in 2020.

Sabrina always had a vision in life – which is to make people smile again. She chose a career in physiotherapy because she felt it would give her the tools to make this happen.  Sabrina believes that pain is very subjective, and that it is often difficult to understand others regarding pain.  As a physiotherapist, she feels that she can bring that smile on people’s face again and they can have a better life with less pain.

Sabrina is passionate about the direct effects that physiotherapy patients can experience from treatment.   For example, she values the positive effect that manual therapy can have, and seeing an increase in movement and difference in measurement for a patient is incredibly satisfying.  She is also passionate about how a physiotherapist can change someone’s life. For example, learning to walk again or finding ways to do everyday work/hobbies, are all things that a physiotherapist can help people achieve.

As a physiotherapist, Sabrina believes that clear and open communication with patients is key so that she can understand how they feel in order to create an appropriate and effective treatment plan.

Sabrina’s physiotherapy techniques include manual therapy, ultrasounds, TENS and IFC.  She  has experience assessing and treating patients of all ages in the areas of orthopedics, sports medicine, motor vehicle accidents, and workplace injuries.

When not at work, Sabrina Fazal loves spending time with her family, and (when we can again) enjoys travelling, and playing soccer.  In addition, Sabrina is a huge believer in self-care because if you are in the right state of mind, you can then help others.  As a therapist, this is extremely important to her.

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