Lori Trautmanis, RMT


MON 12:30pm - 6:30pm
WED 1:00pm - 7:00pm
FRI 8:50am - 3:00pm

Lori Trautmanis graduated from Algonquin College in 2006.  From an early age, Lori was a competitive dancer and found herself in physiotherapy treatments quite often. In her teens, she started working as a physiotherapy assistant as she found the human body to be very fascinating. Lori then found a massage therapist who applied other techniques to compliment her physiotherapy treatments, and she was hooked! She also knew early on that sitting at a desk for work all day wasn’t for her and that needed to be on her feet and moving.

Lori is most passionate about helping people. She loves working with patients to help them alleviate their pain – from sports injuries to every day ailments such as repetitive injuries in the work place – or to help patients manage stress. She strongly believes massage therapy is essential in helping people slow down in our fast-paced society, where self-care seems to take a backseat.  Lori also believes, when treating clients, it is important for them to be active in their self-care outside of their regular massage therapy treatments. By being invested in taking care of their body, they will be able to maintain an active lifestyle with much greater ease.

Throughout her career, Lori has always enjoyed learning and self-development. At the recommendation of a friend and colleague, she started taking myofascial release courses taught by John F. Barnes (JFB) and she is now an Intermediate Level Practitioner. The focus of this type of treatment takes on a whole-body approach as it targets the fascial system, which is like a 3-dimensional web that links us from head to toe. This technique is different in its approach as the focus is to maintain sustained pressure in order to allow fascial adhesions to release. Combining JFB myofascial release techniques with traditional massage therapy techniques that may also include cupping, allows Lori to provide a unique and effective approach to treatment.

When not at work, Lori Trautmanis enjoys working out, reading, and hiking. She is passionate about traveling and learning about different cultures and has just recently returned from living in New Zealand.

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