Andrew Nolan, RMT


WED 1:30pm - 7:30pm
THURS 8:50am - 3:00pm
FRI 12:40pm - 6:45pm
SAT 8:50am - 3:00pm
SUN 9:00am - 3:00pm

Andrew Nolan attended International Academy of Massage in Ottawa, Ontario and graduated in 2020. Being an athlete and working with athletes, Andrew has seen firsthand the benefits that massage therapy can have on injuries and maintaining bodily functions and ranges of motion. Through the techniques and treatments utilized in Massage Therapy, Andrew is passionate about helping patients achieve their goals whether it be for sports or just getting through their day without pain.  Andrew believes that movement is key; and that lengthening muscles and releasing restrictions will help a patient get the most out of their body and keep pain free. Andrews massage therapy skill-set and techniques includes Swedish Massage and myofascial release.

When not at work, Andrew Nolan enjoys being with friends, playing golf, hockey, softball and cycling. He also enjoys going for walks with his girlfriend and their dog.

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