The Importance of Prenatal Care

Your body is capable of adapting in wonderful ways during pregnancy. So much change happens quickly over a short period of time. It is important to know and understand what those changes are, and what options are available to you if you want to help your body adapt as comfortably as possible.


Our team at CURAVITA is dedicated to providing personalized, patient-centered care. Here are all the ways we can help you reach your goals:


Prenatal Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care can help your body adapt throughout the duration of your pregnancy in a safe and effective way. There are many different reasons to see a chiropractor while pregnant, and the benefits can range from keeping you active throughout your pregnancy to alleviating back, hip, and pelvic girdle pain. As your abdomen grows and breasts begin to enlarge, your centre of gravity shifts forward. Your posture will adjust to keep you from falling over. You’ll notice a deeper curve in your low back, your pelvis tilting forward, and your shoulders rounding in. Your chiropractor will monitor these changes and recommend specific exercises and lifestyle modifications to minimize the stress on your body. Your chiropractor will also assess and correct the alignment of your spine and pelvis. When your pelvis is balanced, pregnancy tends to be more comfortable for both the mother and baby.  


Prenatal Massage Therapy

For women experiencing body aches, stress, and muscle tension, a prenatal massage can be a safe and effective way to get relief. Compared to a Swedish massage, prenatal massage is more gentle with regards to pressure. There’s also a special focus on the low back, shoulders, and legs. We have special pregnancy pillows that have a cutout for the growing belly so you can have the massage lying face down comfortably. Some of the benefits of prenatal massage include reduced joint pain, reduced edema, better sleep, and improved circulation. We offer online booking for massage appointments for your convenience.


Please note: Prenatal massage is not recommended for those with a high-risk pregnancy. Talk to your doctor to see if prenatal massage is safe for you.


Exercise Recommendations 

We know that physical activity is important throughout our lives. There are endless benefits when it comes to regular movement. During pregnancy, exercise helps to alleviate many of the common discomforts. You and your baby can benefit from regular exercise during pregnancy. The general rule is that if you are already active and your pregnancy does not present any contraindications to exercise, you can and should keep moving! The Ontario Chiropractic Association has some great resources for general exercise recommendations during pregnancy. However, if you are pregnant and new to exercise or if your pregnancy presents any complications, get your birth care provider’s OK before engaging in a fitness program. 


It’s more than just a growing belly that happens during those 9 months! Our team-based, collaborative approach to prenatal care will help to treat the pain you may be experiencing, help to keep you active, and then ready for the adventure that lies ahead! To book an appointment, call 613.860.8600 for our Byward location, and 613.237.9000 for our Glebe location.