Staying Fit At Home

April 28, 2020 | COVID-19, Lifestyle, Sports

Tips to Stay Motivated


Let’s face it, it’s hard to be motivated to workout at home when the home has become our office, our virtual socializing space and the place where we eat and sleep. It can be particularly challenging when we don’t have a ton of space. However, what we have to remember is that regular exercise is going to help our mood, sleep and energy levels through this challenging time. Home workouts can be effective and fun! They can also facilitate connections with loved ones, coworkers and friends over the many virtual platforms at our disposal. Here are some tips to help you to stay motivated with your fitness routine at home. 



Schedule Your Workouts


Our day-to-day can feel all over the place right now. We have lost our routines. Schedules and routines can help us feel grounded and in control. Scheduling your workouts as you would before is a great way to stay on track. If you are used to going to the gym before work, plan your home workouts for the morning. Stick them in your calendar or write them out for the week on a piece of paper that is visible to you throughout the day. When you complete one, check it off your list. And remind yourself, if you miss one workout, it is not the end of the world! Get it in later in the day or save it for tomorrow. 



Split Up Your Active Time Throughout the Day


Scheduling your workouts is an effective first step to staying on track. We want to make sure we don’t overschedule however to the point of overwhelming ourselves and losing motivation altogether. A great tip is to split up your active time throughout the day. Rather than spending one hour working out at one time, why not break it up into shorter segments. You could start with twenty minutes of yoga, mobility and stretching in the morning. Take a break from your desk around lunchtime and move around. If you have a staircase at home, use it to get your steps in. Plan another fifteen to twenty minutes of movement in the late afternoon or early evening. You will find yourself more energized throughout the day.



Invite Friends and Family to Join (Virtually)


Having a gym partner keeps us accountable. Just because you can’t meet your workout buddy at the gym, doesn’t mean you have to work out alone. There are countless online platforms that allow you to connect with friends and family so why not use them to work out together too? Coach, motivate and encourage each other. Make it a family affair, get the kids involved too! This is a great time to come up with fun fitness challenges to keep everyone engaged. 



Take Advantage of Online Workouts


Now is the perfect opportunity to try out those workouts that you’ve been looking into on social media. Many companies, groups and fitness studios are offering online classes and workouts. Fitness apps are also a great source of ideas and workouts. There are several cheap and even free options available. 

Some of our favourites are from local gyms and studios: 

Barres and Wheels Home Edition – online barre, boot camp and spin classes available from the comfort of your living room. 

-Movement Union – local fitness streaming through Facebook.

-The Fitness Fusion Studioonline classes to keep you motivated.

-Fitness with Jules – creative fitness tips, classes and more. 

FitMom for creative fitness tips and classes for moms.

All of the Instagram Takeovers with local fitness instructors through @sweatspott.


As always your CURAVITA Health Group team is here to help! If you get stuck in a rut with your fitness routine, reach out to us on social media (@curavitahealth  on Instagram and @curavitabyward and @curavitaglebe on Twitter). We can help you find your way!