Meet Michael Malvar, Physiotherapist

August 24, 2021 | Meet the Team, Physiotherapy

I have been at CURAVITA for 10 months now. At Curavita I love that I can really practice what I have learned in school and more significantly the collaborative treatment that it has.

I really love watching horror movies with ‘Conjuring Part 1’ being one I have watched many times.  I like to listen to Jazz and 70’s Rhythm and Blues music. In my downtime, I like to clean my car in order to make it tidy and presentable. 

I like to do circuit training or HIIT workouts, and sometimes weight training to keep myself healthy and fit. 

The last vacation I went on was visiting my home in the Philippines with my wife but my next travel destination is Calgary, Alberta. 

My favorite things to do in Ottawa are going to the Byward Market for eating or drinking with my wife. My favorite restaurants are Ng’s Cuisine and Moxies. 

I am the type of person that really devotes his time to work. I value my job and consider my career as a Physiotherapist my vocation.  I am also a family-oriented person and love to be with them as well as friends.