Meet Jaimey Hodgins, Clinic Health Assistant

August 02, 2022 | Meet the Team, What's New

I have been at CURAVITA Byward since May of 2022 and I like having the ability to help clients find the best possible time frame for their next visit! 

Outside of work I enjoy journaling and organizing events. I also enjoy horseback riding and swimming. My favourite TV shows are True Crime Netflix documentaries and I have seen the Twilight Saga movies many times. My favourite book is Disconnected and my favourite singer is Morgan Wallen. I love to cook tacos but my favourite Ottawa restaurant is Lonestar. In Ottawa, I enjoy sitting in the sun on many of the wonderful patios! 

My last vacation was to Florida in 2020 prior to the pandemic. For my next vacation, I will be travelling to Scotland in 2023. 

An organization I am involved in is the Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind. My father is blind and we have done many walkathons and fundraisers over the past 8 years in support of the program.