Meet Ilkbay “Gorkem” Guduk, RMT

April 07, 2020 | Massage, Meet the Team, What's New

My name is Gorkem. I am a registered massage therapist at CURAVITA Byward. I have graduated from Algonquin College in 2018 and have been working as an RMT for Curavita since November 2019. What I like best about working CURAVITA Byward is the friendly and supportive work environment, ranging from my colleagues to my clients. It feels like an environment where you can thrive regardless if you are just starting off or if you have been working for decades.

I have been playing soccer competitively at various levels since I was young. In addition to that I like watching it as well, alongside other sports like basketball, football, and E-Sports. I like dancing, whether its recreationally or part of a class, like ballet or house. Over the last year I have travelled to Montreal and Toronto to see some of my favourite bands such as Murder By Death, and Andrew WK. I enjoy watching cult and more niche movies at the Mayfair movie theatre. I must have seen The Room there dozens of times at least.

 On days where it is too cold to go outside, I like building and painting figurines, playing boardgames with my friend, but mostly just hanging out with my two cats, Carmen and Elsa.

 I am not a food aficionado by any means, but Burgers and Fries Forever on Bank Street makes the best burgers in Ottawa.