Meet Amanda Donovan, Clinic Health Assistant

February 11, 2020 | Meet the Team, What's New

I have been working at CURAVITA Health Group since February 2019 as a Clinic Health Assistant. 

I am originally from New Brunswick where I worked as a hospital ward clerk. I have moved a few times over the years, but when I made it to Ottawa, I found my home. 

I was really excited to find another job in my field, and I enjoy working for CURAVITA for many reasons. My co-workers are amazing, and the patients are wonderfully friendly. Learning more about what chiropractic is, and experiencing first-hand how being under chiropractic care can really improve my overall health, has been fascinating, I’m also enthusiastic about helping our patients reach their health goals. As an added bonus, I live close to the Glebe, so I bike to work and walk when the snow comes.  I actually adore the walk as I then have 45 minutes to an hour in which I can listen to an audiobook or podcast. 

I spend my free time reading – reading anything. I am in love with the library! When the new bridge was built over the canal, I was saddened because although it is the safer route to and from work, it bypasses my go-to library. I also enjoy playing video games (Mario Kart, Zelda, DDR, etc), doing yoga with my partner, and working out in our home gym.