How To Make This Canada Day An Active One

June 28, 2022 | Holidays

Get outside and get active this Canada day! The city is back in full swing and so are the celebrations for Canada Day! There are so many opportunities to get outside and be active, all while enjoying our city and country. 

The trails in the city will be open, of course, for running and cycling. Use this holiday as an opportunity to check out a new route or area. Gatineau park has ample trails ready to explore and vary in difficulty to suit your skill level for hiking, running or cycling. The Greenbelt also has trails of different caliber to explore the Ontario side of the city.  If you are feeling extra motivated there are the Canada Day Road Races in Kanata at Earl of March Secondary School. 

You can also use the trails throughout the region to travel to all the events around the city. The main events will take place at Le Breton Flats and Place des Festivals Zibi. At these 2 locations there is many displays, exhibits and activities. There is opportunities to learn new sports, try outdoor and indoor activities, as well as being entertained by local artists. You can even catch the RCMP musical ride at the Rockcliffe stables, Jazz fest outside City Hall, or the circus at St. Laurent Shopping Centre. 

End off your day by taking in the firework displays across the city. To find the show closest to you follow this link. But, where ever your Canada Day celebrations take you, take the time to appreciate the healthy and active lifestyle our country and the capital city allows us to have.

 For a full list and schedule of events this Canada day, visit the official website here.  Please remember both CURAVITA clinics will be closed for Canada Day so make sure to book ahead of time!