Different Techniques our Chiropractors Use in our Clinics

February 02, 2021 | Chiropractic

Chiropractors are experts in musculoskeletal health and helping patients via spinal manipulation (also referred to as “chiropractic adjustments”). Chiropractors have many different tools in their toolbox to help patients achieve better spinal health, reduce pain, and improve range of motion. Every treatment is tailored to the patient’s specific health conditions, clinical presentation, and goals. Following a thorough consultation, assessment, diagnosis and explanation of your condition, our chiropractors will use a combination of the methods below as part of your care.


Thompson Technique

Thompson Technique, also known as drop table technique, is the most commonly used adjusting technique in our Clinics. We have special chiropractic tables with pieces that gently pop up when activated and “drop” when a pressure is applied. 


This type of spinal manipulation consists of using the table to help apply a specific corrective force through a joint, as well as a spinal analysis protocol involving leg length checks. The objective is to apply specific corrections to the spine and pelvis to restore proper motion to restricted joints, achieve balance, and allow the body to heal and function optimally. The chiropractor has full control over the tension on all the pieces which allows this technique to be gentle and effective.   



The Activator is a spring-loaded hand-held instrument that can be used to apply a force through the joint.  When a joint is restricted in movement, symptoms such as pain are often noted. Like the Thompson table, your chiropractor can modify how much tension is applied to the device to control the amount of force that is needed. 



Unlike Thompson Technique and the Activator, this method of spinal manipulation involves only the chiropractor’s hands. This may or may not be accompanied by an audible release from the joints. The “cracking sound”, also called a “cavitation” is simply the sound of gas escaping from the joint. The chiropractor will gently position you in a way that isolates a specific spinal segment, and apply a quick, but shallow force. Like the techniques mentioned previously, the adjustment is not painful and the chiropractor uses the least amount of force needed to achieve a therapeutic effect. 



The Webster technique is a specific assessment and adjustment protocol that addresses the unique needs of pregnant patients. With all the changes that occur in your body to accommodate a growing baby, the pelvis is one area your chiropractor will focus on to ensure there is optimal balance and biomechanics. Your chiropractor will provide a pregnancy pillow (a pillow with a cutout in the middle for the belly) to allow you to lay face down without putting pressure on your baby bump. Webster technique can include drop table adjustments, as well as specific soft tissue and ligament releases using a gentle, sustained pressure. Click here to read more about pregnancy and chiropractic care as well as the importance of prenatal care.


Exercise and Posture 

Patients can also expect to receive a tailored exercise prescription as an active care component to the care they receive in the Clinic. Your lifestyle is also an important component your chiropractor will address with you as it is important to remove unnecessary stressors that may be contributing to your symptoms. This could involve your sleeping posture, smartphone habits, or work ergonomics. 


Your chiropractor will always make sure you are informed and comfortable with the techniques that are used. Getting your care in a multidisciplinary setting where there are multiple providers under one roof can be helpful in situations where co-management may be needed (read more about our collaborative care model!). Our team of healthcare providers are passionate about providing high-quality, patient-centered care to help you achieve your health and wellness goals and contribute to an active and healthy lifestyle. If you’d like to experience the many benefits of chiropractic care or would like more information how you may benefit from chiropractic care please contact us to schedule your chiropractic appointment